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Move, Release, Get dirty and let’s make

Shape & Body

Workshop for Sculpture and Paintings in movement

Teachers: Hagit Abir and Mami Shimazaki

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> About the workshop

Creation, freedom and movement are the natural need for our existential body and soul.

 We will explore the connection between material and body - physical and spiritual, and examine the relationship between Body-Material -Movement.

In this triangle, there are endless possibilities in the way you touch, relate, and express.

What arises when  the body and the material connect?

If they can communicate one to another?

During the class we will use terms like physical expression, tangible,continuous movement,heavy, light, soft, gentle, fragile, flexible, decomposing, building and more.

> Our Goal

 Each participant explores their personal space both internally and externally. The research will be led by improvisational tasks that initiate spontaneous reaction of body and mind with colors and painting.


We put more attention to the creative process that allows each one to explore every moment rather than planning ahead and knowing what the result will look like in a safe and judgement - free environment.


Through improvisation each one can explore and invent a new source of movement with his/her own rhythm by live instruction and series of tasks alone or with a partner.


> Who is the workshop for?

For curious people or creators of any age who want to experience freedom and intuitive creation.


We recommend to bring comfortable cloth that you feel free to move and get dirty with paint.

> Teachers


Hagit Abir, designer, creator and teacher. Lives and works in Tel Aviv. Graduate of Bezalel in the Department of Ceramic Design and Shankar Performing Arts Studies. Costume designer and decor for theater, dance and international opera. Lecturer in Design and Art at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. Teacher and facilitator of workshops for all ages in art and design and in between.


Mami Shimazaki, dancer, creator and teacher. Born in Tokyo, Japan lives and works in Tel Aviv. A graduate of Maurice Bejart Dance and Performing Arts School in Switzerland. She danced and produced in Europe, Germany, Italy, Ireland and the Batsheva Dance Company. Teacher and facilitator of workshops for all ages in ballet and international contemporary dance.

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